Nippon Kogaku is known as “Nikon” because Nikon is the short name commonly used for this company. Definition of “Nippon Kogaku” in real sense is “The Japan Optical Company”. There were several suggestions over company name when its name was decided among its members,there was only one name “Niko” at the time of conversation but all members agreed upon one name “Nikon” by adding one alphabet “N” at the end of “Niko”. Nikon is the merger of three optical camera companies.

In 1948 its rangefinder set a record of 200 marketing through Hongkong and Japanese stores. The famous writer “Robert Rotoloni” wrote in his well written book “Nikon Rangefinder Cameras” about this product with full detail. He gave a professional touch to this topic and described about the main products of the “Nikon” company. Its first camera was sold more than US$25000 in market by setting a new record for its rivals. Nikon deals in optical instruments and made lenses for Cannon Company. In 1959, company first camera was introduced and its was just a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera with 35mm lenses reflex ion. It created a camera for professional photographers which was known as “system” for F with latest techniques and modern added features of that time. 

Considering its products, all lens go well with SLRs bodies because there is no difference in 1959 F cameras. There are some minor differences between these two cameras. Mr. Masahiko was the chief designer of Nikon I to F and of course F reflects the great worthiness of his talent and unspoken art of designing. New version of series F was launched after this year. F5 was introduced in 1996, and in 1998 F100 was launched while F6 was launched in 2005. No doubt, it produced F series in well manner but Nikon also produced less complex cameras for adults and teenagers. These products are widely spread around the globe and have friendly look and user assistance.

 In 1980s company’s total focus was on mechanical designing but later on it played a phenomenal role in electronic production by the creation of F3, with the advent of EM, high plastic bodies were introduced in 1979 which was followed by N series in 1985. I passed through various experiences and technicalities, and after all revolutionized the whole world with its impressive products for all times. 

There is no doubt about the quality of the products, Nikon range finders are highly appreciated now a days and you may even find serial NOS like “64” F camera today in good condition with good price. This defines the company’s well balanced infrastructure and its management policies. Today the main focus of the company is on digital camera. Receptors were used in early SLR cameras and they were smaller than a film frame of 35mm.After that company introduced a lens having magnification of 1.5. Here after company also introduced DX series of lenses those are specially manufactured for digital cameras. These lenses have similar characteristics to non-DX lenses and have smaller size with lighter weight.