Today we will take an online photography course about how to take a manual 3D image with your DSLR.

Actually you don't need a DSLR to take this image, a simple Digital camera is enough. we all have seen different multidimensional images online. like one person is sitting, one is standing and other is falling in the same plane.

These images are really interesting and you don't need any online photography courses or classes for doing this :) just read this and follow the guidelines.
you just need a road or a long path with a vertical wall attached with it. the front person have to sit in the vertical wall as a way that he is very much comfortable there. LOL.

Anther person will lie on the road (the horizontal one) as he is falling down and another person have to hang by holding some obstacle on the road. for this you can use a road cone or even another support.

That's it. you have completed the set. how the photographer will check the position of the person who is sitting on the vertical wall. his back have to touch the floor and his butt has to touch the vertical wall :). its kind of tough so select a skinny person for this position :)

Now you have to take a few snaps.

Remember take an image in the landscape mode. not a portrait. and exclude the other parts of the vertical wall. don't take the image from too far from the objects.
now after downloading the images in your PC just rotare it and see what have you done :)

Some examples :

Simple problem correct them before shutting

 See the red marked points in the image. its important to correct during your photo-shut.

correct the red marked errors

 Another example for you. just see the errors.

the perfect 3D manual Image

Now this is called a perfect image. :). Thanks for reading. Keep in touch with online photography courses.