Guys i have studied a lot and found only a few trusted online photography courses available which can be trusted. In the previous post i told you about how to select the best online photography courses , so for you help i am giving you this list.
there also may be many courses available but i couldn't found anyone. so i am going to discuss about these courses today. i have not shorted these courses according to Paid and free services. so never mind :)


Some of these courses may just teach you about the photo editing. but these are also important remember it. School of photography, photography training are also included in the list. Please share your ideas and other courses if you know. :)
take a look at the list of online photography courses:


Remember among these sites some are directories of the online photo courses. so you can get a huge option by visiting these links and get a good knowledge about trusted online photography courses.Also always remember that buying an excellent DSLR camera don't make you a photographer. try to learn photography from your heart.  so enjoy it. :)



Photography is a great and a burning profession now. there are many online photography training and online courses available on Photography.
Some people think that spending money on an expensive DSLR camera and taking a photo course will make them a big photographer. but i think buying a DSLR camera will just make you the owner of the camera. On basis of this thinking many fraud and cheap institute has occurred. they tell they will provide you with the guides, and any kind of help that you need to become a photographer. its Joking right? and we all know that Online is a big place of frauds. so before selecting or investing in any kind of online courses specially online photography courses you should at least take care of some basic things. i am going to describe them below:

First of all you have to understand what really you want to do with your Camera. if Photography is your hobby then attending an online or off line course is just waste of time.cause if you just read the manual and try to imply those things then you will learn the basic and normal photography easily.
if you desire to become a photographer then you have to cope with your camera 1st. at first i would suggest to use your camera and do every possible things that can be done by that camera.
when you will think that your camera is just a toy to you, then you can join a photo course or photography training to improve your toy's condition and make it your pet :)
to find the best online photography course you have to follow some rules:
1. after searching online you will get some sites. now your duty is to see those site's popularity. don't become impress by seeing the Page rank or the number of visitors because its only for the SEO nothing else. :)

2. let you have short listed 20 sites which provides Online Photography training and courses according to their popularity. now if short them according to free or Paid. try to find the payment method of the paid sites. if that is a trusted site they will give you a trial or some seminar or even a demo video of the course regarding how they will serve you. if they just want money without giving these privileges then avoid them .

3. try to reach their Syllabus. if that is a trusted Online course provider then they must have the syllabus for that specific course. Make a quick Comparative statement of these syllabuses. Among these you will find some sites are really exaggerated. i mean they will say that they will give you everything with a very little payment :). TRY TO AVOID THEM. :)

4. if you carefully analysis these CS then you will understand that the trusted providers are a few and most of them offer almost same services with almost same payout.

5. so now you just have to select the provider according to the Language you prefer, Geographical location, time table etc.

6. The main thing is that try to get the previous customers list who have completed the courses. you can go to their blogs and reads others review. don't believe them :) try to access their own sties and contact them via Mail. They will gladly help you in this manner. you can also get huge suggestion from them too.

so by using these simple techniques you can be protected from the frauds and get a good Online Photography course :)