Today we will take an online photography course about how to take a manual 3D image with your DSLR.

Actually you don't need a DSLR to take this image, a simple Digital camera is enough. we all have seen different multidimensional images online. like one person is sitting, one is standing and other is falling in the same plane.

These images are really interesting and you don't need any online photography courses or classes for doing this :) just read this and follow the guidelines.
you just need a road or a long path with a vertical wall attached with it. the front person have to sit in the vertical wall as a way that he is very much comfortable there. LOL.

Anther person will lie on the road (the horizontal one) as he is falling down and another person have to hang by holding some obstacle on the road. for this you can use a road cone or even another support.

That's it. you have completed the set. how the photographer will check the position of the person who is sitting on the vertical wall. his back have to touch the floor and his butt has to touch the vertical wall :). its kind of tough so select a skinny person for this position :)

Now you have to take a few snaps.

Remember take an image in the landscape mode. not a portrait. and exclude the other parts of the vertical wall. don't take the image from too far from the objects.
now after downloading the images in your PC just rotare it and see what have you done :)

Some examples :

Simple problem correct them before shutting

 See the red marked points in the image. its important to correct during your photo-shut.

correct the red marked errors

 Another example for you. just see the errors.

the perfect 3D manual Image

Now this is called a perfect image. :). Thanks for reading. Keep in touch with online photography courses.


As a photographer, i always prefer portrait photography. the photographer who can take a good portrait can take any kind of photography (its my opinion no offense!). you don't have to worry about this matter until i am here to tell you the secrets of portrait photography :)

there is a huge number of lenses specially designed for portrait photography. if you are planing to buy a DSLR whether the brand(Nikon or Canon) is you have to keep in mind about the Auto-focusing motor. its a motor included in the Camera body which makes the lenses to operate automatically. the amateur photography cameras like Nikon D3100, D3000, D5000, D60, D40 and D5100 don't have this AF-Motor. the cheapest DSLR of Nikon that includes the AF-Motor is D90. so if you have the budget of buying D90 don't even think about others.

with most of the DSLR camera the kit lens is the 18-55mm zoom lens. which is specially designed of everything :) so actually its the lens that provide you everything but not perfectly or fully :) the main secret of making your portrait awesome is to make the back ground as blur as possible. to do this your lens have to be capable of taking images at a focal length of below 2. (f-2).

there are some portrait lenses for Nikon cameras and the best of them is AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G (for the armatures). it will cost you around 500$. but if you don't have the budget then go for AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G (i personally use it and its superb!), AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D (its a very cheap lens but you will not get the auto-focusing option if your camera body don't include the AF-Motor.), AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G. these lenses are really cool and believe me or not you will be amazed to see the portraits of these lenses. also these lenses are cool with low light so you don't have to worry at all.

another way to make a portrait extraordinary is to make the back ground as far as possible. distant objects become more blur. so the focused object become more noticeable.
so just by taking care of these few things you can also take extraordinary portraits with your armature DSLR.

Here are some sample portraits (Camera: Nikon D5100 lens: AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G):

low light portrait without editing

Portrait with Motion back ground

close portrait unintentional

Distant back ground

Low light+ distant object

Night view with lighting objects in back ground

Night view with lighting objects in back ground

Close focus+Low light+ distant object



Guys i have studied a lot and found only a few trusted online photography courses available which can be trusted. In the previous post i told you about how to select the best online photography courses , so for you help i am giving you this list.
there also may be many courses available but i couldn't found anyone. so i am going to discuss about these courses today. i have not shorted these courses according to Paid and free services. so never mind :)


Some of these courses may just teach you about the photo editing. but these are also important remember it. School of photography, photography training are also included in the list. Please share your ideas and other courses if you know. :)
take a look at the list of online photography courses:


Remember among these sites some are directories of the online photo courses. so you can get a huge option by visiting these links and get a good knowledge about trusted online photography courses.Also always remember that buying an excellent DSLR camera don't make you a photographer. try to learn photography from your heart.  so enjoy it. :)



Photography is a great and a burning profession now. there are many online photography training and online courses available on Photography.
Some people think that spending money on an expensive DSLR camera and taking a photo course will make them a big photographer. but i think buying a DSLR camera will just make you the owner of the camera. On basis of this thinking many fraud and cheap institute has occurred. they tell they will provide you with the guides, and any kind of help that you need to become a photographer. its Joking right? and we all know that Online is a big place of frauds. so before selecting or investing in any kind of online courses specially online photography courses you should at least take care of some basic things. i am going to describe them below:

First of all you have to understand what really you want to do with your Camera. if Photography is your hobby then attending an online or off line course is just waste of time.cause if you just read the manual and try to imply those things then you will learn the basic and normal photography easily.
if you desire to become a photographer then you have to cope with your camera 1st. at first i would suggest to use your camera and do every possible things that can be done by that camera.
when you will think that your camera is just a toy to you, then you can join a photo course or photography training to improve your toy's condition and make it your pet :)
to find the best online photography course you have to follow some rules:
1. after searching online you will get some sites. now your duty is to see those site's popularity. don't become impress by seeing the Page rank or the number of visitors because its only for the SEO nothing else. :)

2. let you have short listed 20 sites which provides Online Photography training and courses according to their popularity. now if short them according to free or Paid. try to find the payment method of the paid sites. if that is a trusted site they will give you a trial or some seminar or even a demo video of the course regarding how they will serve you. if they just want money without giving these privileges then avoid them .

3. try to reach their Syllabus. if that is a trusted Online course provider then they must have the syllabus for that specific course. Make a quick Comparative statement of these syllabuses. Among these you will find some sites are really exaggerated. i mean they will say that they will give you everything with a very little payment :). TRY TO AVOID THEM. :)

4. if you carefully analysis these CS then you will understand that the trusted providers are a few and most of them offer almost same services with almost same payout.

5. so now you just have to select the provider according to the Language you prefer, Geographical location, time table etc.

6. The main thing is that try to get the previous customers list who have completed the courses. you can go to their blogs and reads others review. don't believe them :) try to access their own sties and contact them via Mail. They will gladly help you in this manner. you can also get huge suggestion from them too.

so by using these simple techniques you can be protected from the frauds and get a good Online Photography course :)


Canon the most popular camera company which designed Canon D550 more than 3 years ago just stopped manufacturing it.

Why it was the best DSLR photography training institutes?

Canon D550 was one of the most awesome camera with the high tech features but of very low price. Most of the photography training centers use this camera to rent/ give their professional photographer who just started learning. Cause it covers most of the features from the expensive DSLR cameras. But no that is gone. After the lunge of Canon 1D in Asia, they just stopped importing D550. Canon 1D is also good but D550 was the best. 

Digital photography courses always start with Canon D550

If we take a look in Google Search engine then we can easily understand that most of the school of photography always uses Canon EOS Rebel T2i. They always suggest the always suggest the Beginner photographer to start their journey with this camera.  But now it’s gone L . The main reason of so much popularity of this camera was the addition of Video Capability. It was canon’s first DSLR camera with video capability. The main difference between D500 and D550 was the video capability.


This was the most awesome camera manufactured by Canon and the features and functions are very much impressive than the previous 500D. it is out in the market with 2 kit lenses. one is 18-55mm and another is 70-135mm


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