CANON was actually formed by the production of Kwanon which was later on changed in to the word “Hansa Canon”. This prototype camera was manufactured by the famous Tokyo laboratory entitled “Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory when the shutter rangefinder camera of 35mm focal plane was introduced in JAPAN. Actually the invention of Hansa Canon gave birth to the new modern word “CANON”. After passing through many pros and cons, CANON is considered one of the best companies in all over the world.

For the first time in magazine, ad of prototype was published for Kwanon which was the only 35mm range finder camera of that time. Baddish God is name as Kwanon and Goro Yoshida named it Kwanon, actually the inspiration came through his spiritual behavior. Although it was testified but it was not actually put on the market but there was good marketing done through several magazines. In 1955 Kwanon Model D which was similar to Leica Model II was also masked in secrecy.

In spite of crucial background, Kwanon was made with full efforts and devotion, in reality; it also flared up the whole market and all rivals in same industry. Even today, Precision Optical Instruments laboratory is not producing any lens or rangefinders which are considered the most important elements if a camera. After detailed deliberation, the Laboratory decided to elicit from Nippon Kogaku Kogyo(known as Japan Optical Industries,Inc, who are the antecedent of Nikon Corporation) in order to use their lens. It took best place among its rivals at that time and was considered the best brand at that time. With advent of technological machinery, its growth rose up consistently.
Nippon Kogaku and Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory agreed upon a same point of view due to common benefits, they mutually decided to develop Hansa Canon along with the collaboration of Nippon Kogaku. This decision worked and raised their shares in market. This phenomenal journey started in full passion and thus made it market leader in few years. Nippon Kogaku is holding the responsibility of lens while Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory is making body, both rangefinder and focal-plane-shutter, along with camera body.

Later on the name of Kwanon was changed and modified in Canon. The meaning of canon is “Biblical scripture or in dictionary it is defined as Standard for judgment”. Till yet canon has achieved its land mark by passing through several processes, methods and added features, it is simply the best in its own market. Company has no sales outlets but it is trying to improve its marketing strategies with the help of Omiya Shashin Yohin Co. Ltd.

Later on Hansa Canon was released and it was named due to Omiya because Hansa was originated in middle ages from the union “Trade Unions of Europe”, Hansa was a trademark of Omiya.

Doesn’t matter how many times this product has changed its name, place and strategies but it is still working for both common and professional workers. Lets hope a tremendous success for CANON in future with same motives.