Online photography courses - Dynamic Light Lesson.

Hello Everybody soon we will publish some images edited by using the Dynamic light and some other features of this awesome software. Stay Tune.

In this session we are going to discuss how to edit an image by using the awesome dynamic light i phone apps or you can also say it an Apple apps LOL.

Just Download the dynamic light to your apple device then take some of your images to your device. in case of dynamic light you can see the best result if you take some images which have the sky (After rain) and the back ground is Greenish. Because if you highlight the blue and green color then they become so much bright and the image become awesome.

Then you have to open the image by using the dynamic light App.

After that you have move the ball and the position of light source. Other changes will be done by the default app. Its the easiest way to make an image so much catchy. I found this very useful for impressing other people :)

You can also do the same thing by using Adobe Photoshop but that will cost you much labor and actually you have to be a pro.

So why waste time?  Download Dynamic light for your apple device and start making your photographs awesome.

Soon we will share some ideas for portrait photography  in online photography courses for free. Till then enjoy the Dynamic light.

Online photography courses2012

Online photography courses2012

Online photography courses- dynamic light2012

Online photography course2012
These are some of the examples those you can easily do with the help of Dynamic light. As these are edited just in 10 minutes so I think they are not so great. but if you want to use this tool for professional purpose, there is no better tool for doing these shorts of editing.


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September 25, 2012 at 1:46 PM

Such Online photography courses is always needed. I am sure editing images with dynamic light will be much helpful. Thanks for this article. I will definitely opt for this course.

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