Canon the most popular camera company which designed Canon D550 more than 3 years ago just stopped manufacturing it.

Why it was the best DSLR photography training institutes?

Canon D550 was one of the most awesome camera with the high tech features but of very low price. Most of the photography training centers use this camera to rent/ give their professional photographer who just started learning. Cause it covers most of the features from the expensive DSLR cameras. But no that is gone. After the lunge of Canon 1D in Asia, they just stopped importing D550. Canon 1D is also good but D550 was the best. 

Digital photography courses always start with Canon D550

If we take a look in Google Search engine then we can easily understand that most of the school of photography always uses Canon EOS Rebel T2i. They always suggest the always suggest the Beginner photographer to start their journey with this camera.  But now it’s gone L . The main reason of so much popularity of this camera was the addition of Video Capability. It was canon’s first DSLR camera with video capability. The main difference between D500 and D550 was the video capability.


This was the most awesome camera manufactured by Canon and the features and functions are very much impressive than the previous 500D. it is out in the market with 2 kit lenses. one is 18-55mm and another is 70-135mm



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August 25, 2011 at 12:48 AM

Ooh I was always dreaming about a DSLR and I guess cannon would be the right choice for me. It's like a sparkling start in the world of photography.

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